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School Council


Our school council have received training in becoming Junior Inspectors. They conducted an inspection in July 2018. Read the children's report below.

Ferney Lee Primary School Junior Inspection Team

School Council 2018/19

The  School Councillors are elected by their class at the beginning of every school year. We meet as a School Council every two weeks, where we discuss the ideas, suggestions or problems the other children share in the class council. 

Together we hope to make Ferney Lee School the best it can be!


Year 6         Charley (Chairperson)                Mariam (secretary)

Year 5         Matthew                                       Shahan

Year 4         Lucy (secretary)                          Bertie

Year 3         Zishan                                          Lexi

Year 2         Daniel                                           Zahrah              

Fundraising to date:

Month Cause Total raised
November Children In Need £372.36


Events :

Month Event Summary
October Grandparents Day Grandparents invited to school for afternoon tea & to play table top games.
November Anti-Bullying Week Design a poster competition, the winner will have their design made into a badge.
March  Red Nose Week

To sell red noses leading up to Red Nose week

Monday - Pin the red nose onto Mr Andrews Y2

Tuesday - Dodge the red nose (dodgeball game) Y4

Wednesday - Bun Sale Y5

Thursday - Poop the potato (game to carry a potato between your legs & drop it into a bucket) Y3

Friday - Non-uniform & Staff Pie Face Y6

Votes take place the week before & during red nose week. Four members of staff with the most votes, will face the challenge during 'Gold Book' assembly.  



Lexi -the winner of the Anti-bullying poster competition
Lexi -the winner of the Anti-bullying poster competition

Current Meetings & Discussions



14th January 2019

 Breakfast is available to everyone, every morning from 08:15. A choice of cereal, porridge, toast or bagels will be available.The 'Bagel Stop' will continue every morning from 08:30 until class time. 

Everyone said they enjoyed the Christmas Disco.

Some pupils are unhappy about the mess made at lunch time. A suggestion to have allocated tables for each year group, with a sign to show which year group. Then tables/benches can be cleaned properly, ready for the next year group to use.


10th December

We discussed playground rules in our classes. This is what we know we should do;- 

Share equipment

Use the equipment properly

When playing football - keep to the area 

No rough games

No swearing

Show respect to everyone and use your manners

Be nice!!

No fighting

Play together

Special dates coming up!

Christmas Jumper Day Friday 14th December

Christmas Disco Thursday 20th December 

There will be toasted bagels served every morning before school, for ALL children, parents, carers and staff.

In the new year everyone will be invited to eat breakfast in the main hall.

26th November

Lunch times

Remember to throw your litter in a bin!

Can you suggest some Playground rules?


12th November

Ideas to make play times more fun!

Lunch times

Friday afternoon activities - Everyone is loving it!


Reminder to bring in unwanted toys for toy tombola.


23rd October

  • Lunch time Rules;
  • Clear up after yourself
  • Walk around carefully
  • Have a balanced meal - eat healthy!
  • Try everything you might like it
  • If you drop it - pick it up
  • Don't speak with your mouth full
  • Take care of  school property  &  equipment

13th October

Ideas for Anti-bullying week

Ideas for Children In Need

Categories for the Tod Country Fair


Ferney Lee Road, Todmorden,
Lancs, OL14 5NR

01706 254848