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Year 1

What Year 1 are learning about this half term


Autumn 2

 In History our enquiry question is: How has childhood changed in the last 100 years? 

The children will learn about:                                    

  • What schools were like 100 years ago?
  • The activities children did after school in the past and in the present
  • How homes were different in the past?
  • How toys have changed over the last century?
  • Why have toys changed?
  • Would they like to be a child in the past or the present? 

In English our core texts are:

  • The Sound Collector by Roger McGough
  • Stanley's Stick by Neal Layton
  • With love from Mrs Claus (short film).

In Maths children will learn:

  • Subtraction within 10
  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • Numbers to 20.

In Science children will continue to learn about everyday materials, with an enquiry question of:                                                         Which materials are suitable for an umbrella? 

In Computing children will learn about Programming: Algorithms unplugged.

  • Understand what an algorithm is
  • Follow instructions precisely to carry out instructions
  • Understand that computers and devices around us use inputs and outputs
  • Understand and explain what decomposition is

In music the theme is Pulse and rhythm- All about me. Children will learn to identify the difference between the pulse and rhythm of a song and consolidate their understanding of these concepts through listening and performing activities.

In D&T children will make their own puppets. They will learn:

  • How to join fabrics together using different methods
  • To design a puppet using a template
  • To decorate the puppet to match their design.

In PE children will continue to take part in team games, including participating in the Todmorden inter-schools team games competition with other year 1 classes from local schools. 

In RE children will learn about how we celebrate special events.

In PSHE children will learn about similarities and differences- Recognising strengths and respecting differences

Our previous learning

Autumn 1

In Geography our enquiry question is: What is the geography of Todmorden?                                                         The children will learn about:

  • Where our school is on the map and the features of our school grounds
  • Create a map of the classroom
  • The difference between towns, cities, and villages
  • The human and physical features in Todmorden 
  • How we make Todmorden a better place

 In English our core texts are:

  • The Storm Whale by Benji Davies 
  • Book of butterflies (short film) 
  • Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper

 In Maths children will learn:

  • Numbers to 10
  • Part-whole within 10 
  • Addition within 10

 In Art children will:

  • Explore different types of lines
  • Mark make waves
  • Experiment with different media
  • Learn drawing techniques 
  • Draw from observation

 In Music the theme is Musical vocabulary-Under the sea. Children will learn about:

  • Pulse and rhythm
  • Sounds are called timbres. 
  • Recognise temp, dynamic and pitch changes
  • Describe the difference between two pieces of music. 

 In Computing children will learn about computing systems and networks: improving mouse skills

  • Online safety
  • Logging in
  • Click and drag skills
  • Drawing shapes
  • Drawing a story
  • Create a self portrait using digital techniques

 In PE children will learn about team games.

 In Science children will learn about everyday materials, with an enquiry question of:

                       Which materials are suitable for an umbrella?                                                                                                         

In RE children will learn about which books and stories are special?

In PSHE children will learn about healthy and happy relationships.


Core text to support our learning 

Meet the staff...

Mrs Nisah - Class Teacher

Miss Paige - Support Assistant

                    Mrs Humes - Support Assistant 

Ferney Lee Road, Todmorden,
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