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Mental Health & Well-being Information

At Ferney Lee, we value and prioritise good mental health and well-being. Our aim is to cultivate a school community where individuals can prosper mentally, physically, and emotionally. We understand that everyone faces life challenges that can leave us feeling vulnerable, and there are times when additional support and guidance may be necessary.

It is our responsibility as a school to identify these needs and provide comprehensive support to help children access relevant resources, and to nurture positive relationships among our students and staff.

We are committed to enhancing your child's well-being and mental health. As part of our school's mission, we strive to assist children and families in promoting well-being, ensuring that children feel content and secure, thus enabling them to approach learning with readiness.

If you have concerns regarding your child, please refer to the support guides below. Additionally, do not hesitate to reach out to Mrs Williams or Mrs Whittem to discuss your worries. 

Support Guides

This is an overall guide on the current Emotional Health and Wellbeing Service on offer to children
and young people in Calderdale. For further information about these services, please visit
Calderdale’s emotional health and wellbeing website, Open Minds
www.openmindscalderdale.org.uk which provides advice, information, support and signposting on
local and national emotional health and wellbeing services that help children and young people
who are going through a difficult time.


Open Minds

Calderdale Young Carers Service
Continue to offer statutory young carers assessments however these are currently being carried out over the phone. They are continuing to offer 1:1 support to young carers, this is taking place by phone/text/video chat. Calderdale Young Carers Service weekly activity programme has switched
to a virtual platform,
Referral pathway: via Early Intervention Panel (for professionals) if a family isn’t working
with a professional they may refer themselves direct.
Age range: 8-18years
Opening times: Mon-Fri, 9-5pm
Contact details: 01422 261208 or calderdaleyoungcarers@calderdale.gov.uk 
Website details: https://www.calderdale.gov.uk/v2/residents/health-and-social-care/youngpeople/young-carers/young-carers-service 


Healthy Minds, Time Out Listening Line
Time Out Listening Line will give young people the opportunity to get some simple advice and
guidance about how to keep busy and reduce their anxiety about the current situation. The
Listening Line is not counselling, nor is it for young people who are in crisis and who need a more
in-depth assessment and intervention.
Referral pathway: Self-referral
Age range: 10-19 years
Opening times: Wed 1pm-4pm
Contact details: 01422 345154

Time Out continues to run their web site www.timeoutcalderdale.co.uk  and their social media
platforms for daily activities during the pandemic.

Healthy Futures Calderdale
The Healthy Futures Calderdale Public Health Nursing Team continues to provide physical health
and emotional wellbeing advice, support, signposting and referral for school-aged children and
young people and their families via phone, video conferencing and text messaging: 0303 330 9974
ChatHealth is a confidential and secure text messaging service for school-aged children and
families, providing an additional means of accessing physical health and emotional wellbeing
support during this difficult time.

Age range: school aged children and young people
Opening time: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
Contact details: 07480 635297 (young people), or 07507 332157 (parents/carers).

For specialist advice, support and training around drugs and alcohol, contact Branching Out
direct on: 01422 415550 (option 2).

For specialist advice, support and training around sexual health, contact the Integrated Sexual
Health Service on: 01422 261370

C&K Careers Chat
A chat line to support, advise and guide children and young people in Calderdale and Kirklees
about future options, jobs, CVs, interviews, training, school, college, apprenticeships, employability
skills or anything else they may be feeling worried about.
Age range: 13-24 years
Opening time: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. Thur 9am-8pm.
Contact details: 01484 213856 or chat@ckcareers.org.uk

Website details: https://ckcareersonline.org.uk/news/333-chat 



NEW free mental health webinars!  

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand-new series of our popular free mental health webinars.  


Our webinars are presented by our expert mental health trainers and guest speakers who come from a wide range of professions and expertise. They explore practical, evidence-based information and strategies!  


Whether you are someone who looks after children and young people - parents, carers, educators - a young person or someone interested in mental health, we have a webinar for you! 


Browse all our webinars or jump to specific webinar topics using the links below! 


  1.  Helping your child understand their emotions and practical strategies to help  
  2.  Spotting signs that new students are struggling settling in and how to support  
  3.  Self harm - spotting the signs and providing support  
  4.  Knowing when a friends struggling and understanding how to help  
  5.  Spotting signs that a young person is struggling with their mental health  
  6.  Supporting young people experiencing thoughts of suicide  
  7.  Anxiety in young people: spotting the signs and supportive strategies   



24 hour Mental Health Helpline
Support, advice, information and guidance. A confidential helpline for anyone seeking support for
their mental health or their carers.
Age range: 16+
Opening time: 24 hour helpline
Contact details: 0800 183 0558


Noah’s Ark Centre – Support line for parents/carers
Noah’s Ark Centre run a call back service for parents/carers and school staff, providing
confidential support, advice and signposting.

Check out upcoming videos on Therapeutic Play
Activities for nursery and primary aged children soon to be available on the websites CYP page
and the ongoing CPD video discussions for professionals on the website Training page.

Referral pathway: For a call back about primary school-age children,
email: pri.sch.cal.support@noahsarkcentre.org.uk.

For a call back about secondary school age children, email: sec.sch.cal.support@noahsarkcentre.org.uk.
Opening times: Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm
Website details: www.noahsarkcentre.co.uk 


Calderdale Open Minds Partnership (the new name for CAMHS)
Open Minds Partnership is open, If parent carers, young people or professionals have concerns
about the emotional health of a young person, please contact the First Point of Contact on the
details below. Please note the offices are closed; please don’t make referrals by post, particularly
if you have an urgent referral or query.
Referral pathway: online referral form https://calderdalecamhs.org.uk/how-torefer/
Age Range: 5-18yearsOpening times: Mon, Thu, Fri 9am-4.30pm. (Tue, Wed 9am-6pm during term time)
Contact details: 01422 300001 or firstpointofcontact@calderdalecamhs.org.uk 
Website details: www.calderdalecamhs.org.uk 



Kooth is a free, safe and anonymous online Mental Wellbeing Community for young people. It is
available through smart phone, tablet or computer and features activities, self-help articles,
discussion boards and a team of accredited counsellors and emotional wellbeing practitioners who
provide guided and outcome-focused support for each individual.
Referral pathway: Self-referral
Age range: 10-25years
Opening times: Mon-Fri 12pm-10pm. Sat-Sun 6pm–10pm
Contact details: calderdale@xenzone.com 
Website details: www.kooth.com 


Barnardo’s Positive Identities Service for those who identify as LGBTQ
1:1 support over the telephone or via a virtual platform. Providing emotional health and wellbeing
support to young people and their families where people are questioning their sexual or gender
identity. Peer support is also available via group work sessions. The service continues to accept
referrals which can be made via the phone or by email.

Age range: up to 21 years
Opening times: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm. Identity Youth Group – Wednesday early evening.
Contact details: 01422 37199 or positive.identities@barnardos.org.uk 
 Website details: https://www.barnardos.org.uk/what-we-do/supporting-youngpeople/LGBTQ 



Calderdale Youth Works
Targeted Youth Workers continue to work with their young people on their case load. Virtual Dropin sessions are taking place daily via Zoom and Which Way Up (self-harm group) continue to meet
electronically. A newsletter has been developed and will run on a 4/5 week schedule – extended to
all services.
Referral Pathway made by professionals only:
Daily drop in (13-21 years): Denise.Chafer@calderdale.gov.uk  or

Targeted Crisis Support (13-25 years): check Youth Works Facebook Page or Twitter
account to see who the duty work is for that day.

Which Way Up (13-16 years): Ruth.Ware@calderdale.gov.uk  or

Denise.Chafer@calderdale.gov.uk for Halifax group and Karen.salt@calderdale.gov.uk  for
the North & East group.

Distract-A-Pack (Self Harm Support packs): Chantelle.Hadley@calderdale.gov .

Calderdale Public Health Early Years’ Service (PHEYS)
The Health Visiting Team can provide support to families with children aged 0–5 years with
breastfeeding, safe sleeping, infant feeding, emotional wellbeing, toilet training, healthy eating,
physical activity, language development, oral health, parenting, school readiness and can also
sign post on to other services as needed.
Age range: 0-5 years
Contact details:
Health Visiting service call 030 0304 5076
Breastfeeding support call 030 0304 5076
Maternal mental health support call support 030 0304 5076
Website details: https://www.locala.org.uk/your-healthcare/health-visiting 


Calderdale Early Years’ Team (0-5 years)
The Early Years Team provides telephone support to early years providers who are providing
childcare to children of key workers, vulnerable children or SEND children. They are available to
talk about any issues the children and families they are supporting may be facing, offering
practical advice providers on how best to support children and families at this time, including
signposting to the relevant services available.
Age range: 0-5 years
Opening times: Mon- Fri, 9am-5pm
Contact details: 07823 537249 or Tracy.mcaspurn@calderdale.gov.uk 


Ferney Lee Road, Todmorden,
Lancs, OL14 5NR

01706 254848