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Welcome to Reception Class

Please see below for our Topic Web for the first half of Autumn term:

 Here is the Reception Class booklet should you need any of the information within it over the course of the year.


What will we learn in Reception this year?

Have a look at our topics for each half term.

Autumn 1: We will begin the school year by settling in, getting to know our class community and form positive relationships with each ther. Following the unusual circumstances during the past year, we will use our schools ‘recovery curriculum’ to build friendships, independence, kindness, and understanding. We will use the books Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival and We are Here by Oliver Jeffers to help us.

Our topic ‘Do you want to be friends?’ will explore friendship, being kind and working together. We will learn our school routines and expectations, and show just how wonderful each of us can be!

Autumn 2: moving into autumn and toward winter we weill start to focus on the changing seasons, and ask questions based on our topic title “Why do squirrels hide their nuts?”. We will find out about seasonal changes in the natural world during autumn and winter; focus on the changes in weather day by day, and increase our vocabulary related to seasons and the weather.
We will wonder why hedgehogs hibernate to understand more about hibernation and ask why animals and humans migrate to different places around the world. We will relate this to our own families histories in relation to place. We will also look at Autumn food by having a go at pumpkin carving and making soups, we will plant some seeds and bulbs in preparation for spring, and go on some woodland walks in our forest school as well as local woods in Todmorden (parent volunteers welcome!).

Spring 2: As the season changes from winter to spring, we will ask questions and explore similarities and differences that we can notice in the local environment, through the topic: “ Why do ladybirds have spots?”. We will look at how plants, animals, and humans, change and grow over time. In maths we will have an exciting time comparing our own heights and shoe sizes! We will carefully observe patterns and colours in the natural world. We will read the story ‘what the ladybird heard’ and think about the sequence of stories, and rhyming w  ords, and have a go of writing our own verison.

Spring 2: Do cows drink milk?’ will be our topic this half term. We will epxlore life on the farm, including a visit to a local farm  where the children can observe the different animals that live there and discover which crops are grown. We will find out about the different types of machine that help farmers to do their work and watch them moving and give the children time to notice the sights, sounds and smells of the farm.we will use this as a basis for play back in the classroom, and ‘farm’ our gardening area inlcuding looking at our seeds, bulbs and pplanst to see how they have changed and grown this half term.

Summer 1: this half term we will wonder about ‘All the places we can go’. Zoom up to space, and beyond….., explore different places,landscapes, environments  and people, all around the world, and think about where we would like to travel to and how we would get there. We will design and create our own vehicles, use and create maps and write about our imagined adventures in lands far and wide! We will also think about how we get around locally by going on local walks, and look at buses, trains, bikes and boats whilst making sure we know how to stay safe on roads and the pavement.

Summer 2: Our final half term in reception, and we will begin thinking about the transition to year one! We will look back on all our learning this year, reflecting on how our knowledge and understanding, as well as our friendships, have grown.

To bring our years learning to a close, we will use the topic ‘What can you see in summer?’ to think about how the season of summer differs from the other seasons of the year. We will use sunny days to understand shadows, extend our water play and again use the wild garden and forest school to see, taste and smell all things summer!If we are lucky, we will able to watch as caterpillars turn to butterflies and release them before the school year finishes in July.


Any questions, ideas or eager to help us in class or on trips out? Please do speak to us! Thank you , Mrs Sturges


Have a look below at some of our topics and learning from last year


We have written our own version of the Oliver Jeffers story The Way Back Home. Here are some of our descriptions of the setting 'the sun' in which our story takes place, and our alien characters.

Our learning last half term:

We have all become Super Readers!

we have learnt a variety of super skills to help with our reading.

Look at the maths learning we completed last term:

We have been counting to five, and to gain mastery, we have thought of the many different ways we can make five by counting and arranging objects in different ways. We are beginning to subitise (know how many there are without needing to count)  up to five objects, and can find other numbers, inside five! 

We have also been learning how to use the i-pad to record our knowledge

In English, the whole class worked together, and in learning partners, to write our own version of the Three Little Pigs.

It became quite a scary version of the story (I blame Halloween!!!), so if you are easily scared, find a teddy to cuddle when you read our story!

Have  a look at our previous topics:

Meet the staff...

Mrs Sturges (class teacher)

Mrs Morrison (support assistant)

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