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Welcome to Year 4!

Watch the slideshow to see some of the fantastic learning we have done so far this year... 

What are Year 4 learning about in Spring 1?

 This half term, our Geographical enquiry question is: 

'Why do our seas and oceans need protecting?' 

In our Geography lessons we will learn where the oceans and seas are, what lives in the ocean and where, why the oceans matter, what is harming our oceans and what we can do to help save and look after our oceans. Linking to this topic, we will be going on a trip to The Blue Planet Aquarium. 

In English, we will base our writing on two class texts: 'Flotsam' by David Wiesner and 'Song of the Dolphin Boy' by Elizabeth Laird.

In Maths, we will begin our Multiplication and Division units where we will learn our times tables up to 12 x 12, how to multiply and divide by multiples of 10 and 100, multiplying by 0 and 1 and written methods for multiplication and division.

In Science, our topic is 'Electricity'. We will explore common appliances that run on electricity, construct simple electrical circuits, learn about switches and common conductors and insulators.

In PE, we are continuing to learn new skills in the water in our weekly swimming lessons every Wednesday and will be taking part in dance lessons every Friday. 

In Art, we will develop ideas for 3D work through drawing and visualisation and use more complex techniques to shape materials in 2D. We will explore how shapes can be formed and joined in wire and consider the effect of how sculpture is displayed. 

In Music, we will listen to changes in pitch, tempo and dynamics and relate it to something tangible and familiar. Linking to our geography learning, we will represent different stages of the river through vocal and percussive ostinatos, which will culminating in a final group performance.

In PSHE/RHE, we our focus is 'Caring and Responsibility' where we will answer the question, 'What are our rights and why are they important?'

In DT, we are linking our activity to our Science learning by creating 3D Angler fish with an electrical circuit which allows our model fish to light up. 

In RE, we are starting the unit 'How do the ‘Five Pillars’ guide Muslims in life?' We will expand and develop our learning about the Five Pillars of Islam as a way of focusing on key beliefs for Muslims. Pupils will learn about some key teachings and consider how these reflect and affect the values and lives of believers.

In Frenchwill learn French numbers 1-31, the days of the week, months of the year, dates and seasons through maths and songs and class surveys. We will also research dates of French festivals and revise the unit by having a traditional French birthday celebration in the classroom.

Our Learning in Autumn 2...

Our Historical enquiry question last half term was: 

'Why were the Romans such a successful ruling empire?'

 In our History lessons we learnt how Rome was founded, what life was like in the Roman Empire and what it was like to be a Roman soldier. 

In English, we based our writing on two focused texts: 'Romans on the Rampage' by Jeremy Strong and 'Empire's End: A Roman Story' by Leila Rasheed.

In Maths, we completed our units on addition and subtraction by using different skills and strategies to add and subtract within 4 digit numbers. 

In Science, our topic was 'Animals including humans' and we answered the enquiry question, 'What happens in our digestive systems?

In Art, we developed skills in colour mixing, by focusing on using tints and shades to create a 3D effect. We then experimented with composition and applied our painting techniques to a personal still life piece.

In PE, we continued to be confident swimmers every Wednesday and learnt new gymnastic skills every Friday. 

In Design and Technology, we designed, made and built different structures which lead to then making our own pavilions. 

In Music, we drew upon our understanding of repeating patterns in music, and were introduced to the concept of motifs. We learnt a musical motif based on the Romans and performed it.

In PSHE/RHE, we explored similarities and differences and answered the enquiry question, 'Why is identity and diversity so important?'

In French, we learnt vocabulary to describe items of clothing, along with the different forms of the indefinite article. We incorporated previous learning about colour into our descriptions of clothing and expressed our opinions about outfits in French.

Our Learning in Autumn 1...

In our first half term, our Geographical enquiry question was:

'How would living in Italy compare with living in England?'

In our Geography lessons, we compared the climate, crops, physical geography, settlements, landmarks and capital cities of each country. 

In English, we based our writing around two focus texts: 

'Journey' by Aaron Becker, and 'The Boy who Biked the World, Part One: On the Road to Africa' by Alastair Humphreys. 

In Maths, we built on our knowledge of Place Value of numbers up to 10,000. 

In Science, we explored the unit, 'States of Matter' by answering the enquiry question, 'Can a material change from being a solid, a liquid or a gas?'

In Art, we created 'Power Prints' where we used drawing and a combination of mixed media images for effect when developing a drawing into a print. 

In PE, we had weekly swimming lessons on a Wednesday and learnt how to play as part of a team during Tag Rugby lessons every Friday.  

In Music, we used a mixture of body percussion and tuned percussion instruments to create own rhythms of the rainforest. 

In PSHE/RHE, we explored the question, 'How can we make and maintain a good friendship?'

In RE, we completed the unit called, 'How are important events remembered?' where we explored festivals of light from Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Chinese New Year and Ancient Civilisations.

In French, we learnt adjectives for describing people’s physical appearance and their personality. We then created simple sentences ensuring that the adjectives agreed with the gender of the noun.

In Computing, we learnt how to stay safe online. 


Our Class Assembly 

We were the first Year group to deliver a class assembly to the rest of the school and our parents. We shared with everyone what we had learnt about Italy and England over the half term and then our parents came into class for the afternoon to do some activities with us. 

Keep checking our individual Learning Journeys on Seesaw for photos of us enjoying our learning!

Meet the staff...

Miss Blanchard (Class Teacher)

Miss Bury (HLTA)

Mrs Morisson (Teaching Assistant)

Ms Dumville (Science and Music Teacher)

Welcome to our Library...

Below are the some of texts and literature we will be using in Year 4 to support the delivery of our curriculum. 

Below are the some of texts and literature we will be using in Year 4 to support the delivery of our PSHE and RHE curriculum. 

Ferney Lee Road, Todmorden,
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