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At Ferney Lee Primary School, we follow the national statutory requirements for reading, writing and speaking and listening.  Through this curriculum, we aim to develop a love of reading by exposing children to rich, varied text types and by celebrating reading through various whole-school initiatives.  We recognise the importance of nurturing an environment where children want to take pride their writing and feel a sense of independence from proof-reading and editing their own work.  We also understand the importance of providing children with opportunities to use higher-level vocabulary in their writing, which is drawn from high-quality texts used across the curriculum.  Opportunities for speaking and listening is always at the heart of our English curriculum, as we want to inspire our children to be confident communicators and further their own learning.

Remote Learning!

As part of our English offer for remote learning, we offered a wide range of reading, writing and speaking and listening opportunities, as well as opportunities to practise new vocabulary.  Here are some examples of the amazing home learning that has taken place so far.

100 Book Challenge!

Take a look at our 100 Book Challenge below! Each child will have their own challenge sheet with all of the books marked on it.  When children read one of the books featured in the challenge, they can review the book and tick it off!  We will find out who is in the lead at the end of each half term (both children and staff) and a small prize will be rewarded.  Good Luck!


We follow the RWI phonics scheme from Reception to year 2.  Watch the videos below to find out how to say pure sounds and how best to support your child at home with phonics.

Reading Spines

We have selected a wide range of high quality texts to help engage and deepen our children's learning experiences across the curriculum.  We have ensured coverage of a wide variety of genres and authors in order to expose our children to a vast reading culture and to encourage a love of reading.  Take a look at our reading spines and how we are linking our texts to the wider curriculum.

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Our Policies

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Ferney Lee Road, Todmorden,
Lancs, OL14 5NR

01706 254848